About us

We're a Coptic Orthodox Church in our faith, doctrine, traditions and teaching. Our vision is to bring a 2000 year old ancient faith to a modern world.

At Christ the Savior, our heartfelt aim is to provide you with a nurturing environment to help you and your family learn and grow in the love of God. We are a community striving to know God intimately and love others fiercely.


Guiding Principles of Our Parish

Liturgical Prayer

A church living an Orthodox prayer life through liturgical, communal, and personal prayer that leads to spiritual growth and intimacy with God.

Passionate Pursuit

A church aiming to grow in the Orthodox faith while eliminating any cultural barriers that may prevent others from doing so.

Family Focused

A church that focuses on building strong marriages and families in Christ. We aim to instill a small church in every home.

Youth FosterinG

A church that pursues and encourages its youth to grow in their love for Christ, and the church.

Community Outreach

A church aiming to be the hands, feet, and heart of Christ to the community.

Welcoming & Loving

A church that strives to be Christ-like in its love, and acceptance of all individuals regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, or past.

Transparency & Organization

A church that aims to be transparent, purposeful, communicative, and organized in all its decision making and services.